Friday, August 16, 2013

Ravel's piano trio: "the finest I've ever witnessed"

The critic for the Catskill Chronicle reviewed the performance of Nuzova in collaboration with the Attacca Quartet at the Shandelee Music Festival. This is what the the critic, Barry Plaxen, had to say:

"On August 6 we took a trip back to 1914 for Ravel’s “Piano Trio” with violinist  Amy Schroeder, cellist Andrew Yee and pianist Irina Nuzova (photo left). The performance was the finest I have ever witnessed of the piece, in that the three players, especially Nuzova, seemed to have a very simpatico feeling for impressionism and not only evoked the musical genre, but did it with a blending of Ravel’s melodies, harmonies and rhythms with no self-consciousness to make me  aware that I was listening to impressionistic music."